Erin's Sweet 16

The first event I was asked to document was a sweet 16 celebration, and today it is still my favorite type of event to capture. This Sweet 16 princess, Erin, had a patriotic party theme. No detail was spared. The attire, decorations and favors were all beautiful shades of red, white and blue.

Held at the Shandon Court, Erin's party was equal parts fabulous and fun. 

Venue | Shandon Court

Entertainment | Sonic Boom Productions

Sarah's Graduation

Graduating from college is a monumental event in every college student's life. It's a ceremony that commemorates hard work and dedication.I love bring a part of my clients' celebrations. It's even better when my clients are friends.

I met Sarah my freshman year of college in a required statistics class. She's smart, relatable and just fun to be around. How lucky am I to call her one of my best friends? She just earned her Master in Teaching and it was an honor to capture her graduation portraits. 

Congratulations Sarah!

Maddie's Sweet 16

Summer's here and it's party season! Last weekend, I did zap photos with Tommy's Tunes for Maddie's Sweet 16 at East Wind Long Island. Two hours before the party, Maddie and I explored the gorgeous gardens and visited the carousel at the Shoppes. The images we captured together are some of my favorite portraits to date. 

I've booked thirteen parties for the summer so far, and I'm looking forward to all of them. Here's to exploring new venues, experimenting with new techniques and enjoying every moment!

Venue | East Wind Long Island

Entertainment | Tommy's Tunes



Rehberg Wedding

Last month I started doing Zap photography for DJ entertainment company Tommy's Tunes. As a zap photographer, my job is to capture shots throughout an event and project them onto the plasma screen TVs by the DJ setup.

Tommy's Tunes specializes in weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah's, sweet 16 celebrations and corporate events. My most recent wedding with Tommy's Tunes was the Rehberg Wedding which took place last weekend at the Watermill. Here are some of my favorite shots from the night. 



Venue | Watermill

Entertainment | Tommy's Tunes

Regan Family

It's been a long winter here on Long Island, and now it's finally spring. The past few days have been absolutely gorgeous. Long Island went from temps in the 40s to temps in the mid 60s in a matter of days. If you ask the Regan clan though, they'll tell you it was freezing. 

The Regans are from Florida and came to Long Island to visit family. During their visit, they scheduled a multi-generational family photoshoot with me at the West Islip Marina. The marina overlooks the Great South Bay and has plenty to offer its visitors. The playground was Little Finley's favorite feature. We took some time out play and I was able to capture some sweet moments her on the swings with her family.

Ry + Charlotte Take Toys R Us

I grew up as a Toys R Us kid. A good report card would earn me a trip to Toys R Us with my mom, where I'd pick out a toy or two to bring home for my hard work. Last month, Toys R Us announced it would be closing many of its stores in the US. While there will always be a way to buy toys, there will never be another Toys R US.

I saw a number of photographers offer Toys R Us mini sessions, and I wanted to jump on the band wagon. I recruited my boyfriend's goddaughter, Charlotte, and her sister, Ryleigh, for this session. This was hands down the most fun shoot I've done to date. If you'd like to have a Toys R Us session done, send me a message!

toys r us-122.jpg

Caitlyn + Thomas

Caitlyn and Thomas got engaged in July in Santorini and celebrated with friends and family this past weekend. The two threw an engagement party for their friends in family at a fire house on the south shore of Long Island.

Caitlyn and Thomas will tie the knot on June 28, 2019 at Giorgio's in Baiting Hollow. Thank you so much for including me in your special night. I hope you enjoy looking back at your photos. 

Erin's First Communion

I am so excited to be offering First Communion sessions this year. I have such vivid memories of my own First Communion, in part because it was well documented by my mom who had a passion for photography. Thanks to her, I will always remember what I looked like on that day and the special people who celebrated with me. 

I captured Erin's formal photos in her church on a rainy morning this past week. During a break in the rain, gorgeous light filtered in through the church's stained glass windows. Mother Nature really does provide the best lighting setups!

Patti + Martin

I love couples' sessions. They're fun and light-hearted, yet filled with overwhelming emotion. Patti and Martin spent Saturday afternoon hiking through a slushy Avalon Park with me and exploring some of the gorgeous trails.  

Patti and Martin met in college through mutual friends. Today, the two work together at a startup company in Garnerville and are celebrating four years together this spring. Happy Early Anniversary!

Emma's Sweet 16

My calendar is filling up with Sweet 16 celebrations and I couldn't be more excited! Two nights ago, I returned to Land's End to capture another friend, Emma's Sweet 16. Like Samantha, Emma Irish Step Dances. So when the DJ played "Cotton-Eye Joe", a line of dancers formed and performed a treble reel for everyone. 

My favorite shots from Emma's Sweet 16 were her formals, taken the hour leading up to her party. We utilized the bridal suite and balcony during the shoot, and lucked out as the sun was just beginning to set. I love how the light gave Emma a more radiant presence (she seriously looks like a bride!), and can't wait to capture my next Sweet 16 girls this spring.

Venue | Land's End

Entertainment | The Party Pro

Celebrating Samantha

Sweet 16 celebrations are among my favorite events to photograph. Every girl gets to become a princess for the night, singing and dancing until the sun goes down. This Sweet 16 was extra special to me because I knew the guest of honor. Samantha and I learned to Irish Step Dance at the same dance school. I'm about 6 years older than Samantha, so I got to watch her grow into a beautiful dancer and person.

I was honored when she and her mother asked me to photograph her special day. I had an amazing time working her event. The best part was seeing the joy on her face when she hit the dance floor with her family and friends. I'm so happy my photographs were able to freeze those moments for Samantha for years to come. 

Venue | Land's End

Entertainment | Absolute Entertainment